Encouraging extensive reading to advance intensive reading skills

The fact that our human brains are not hard-wired for reading means that the only way to develop our reading habit and become an effective reader is through reading. In this session we explore the ins and outs of extensive reading, why it is invaluable to develop learners’ reading for comprehension skills and possible challenges […]

Do you know what it takes to advance your students’ learning?

How we teach in the language classroom is often based on our intuition. We often feel that some things work, and others simply don’t. However, modern-day research on how the brain learns has identified several ways of learning that better match our brain’s learning preference, so to speak. Interestingly, very little of this science of […]

Mindsets in the classroom

“For Learners to have a true sense of their abilities, they not only need to learn but they also need to know that they know.” Richard Bandler As soon as we get our math books out, one of my 6-year-olds starts shouting out, “I can’t do that Miss, too hard… you know. My mum also […]

Macmillan Life Skills Day – Some excellent ideas

Today expert speakers provide free online thought-provoking talks and practical activity-filled workshops to help you introduce life skills, such as critical thinking, time management and many other soft skills into your ELT classroom. Check out the Macmillan site below and have a great life skills Day!

A Video With One Powerful Message For Us All! So True!

This short video is a reminder of the effects social media can have on our society. By connecting online, are we actually disconnecting offline? An interesting resource to use for CAE or IELTS students to get a discussion going or as a pre-writing task. Happy connecting… or disconnecting!  

Struggle Means Learning: Difference in Eastern and Western Cultures

If you are interested in the concept of teaching ‘grit’ and developing students’ mindset to deal better with perceived failure, then you might like to read this post. What do you think should we tell students that learning doesn’t come on a golden plate and get them used to the fact that ‘struggling’ means ‘learning’?

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

As Dweck already mentioned, being successful does not depend on your innate talent or IQ and Duckworth takes it a step further: it’s all about “grit”… Well-worth watching and food for thought for us teachers!

Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes

An excellent summary of why mistakes are invaluable in teaching and learning. If you are not convinced yet… make sure you read this Edutopia post. Happy reading!

Diversity – Lesson plan for World Down Syndrome Day

The 21st of March was World Down Syndrome Day and this lesson was prepared for Speech and Language therapy students on how to deal with people with down syndrome. Even though the video is in English and Spanish but has subtitles, it is worth working with if you are interested in materials on diversity. Thanks […]

Overcoming the Fear of Being Wrong

Being wrong and making mistakes often provides the richest opportunity for learning, but sadly many of our students fear making mistakes and doing things wrong. Our role as teachers is to allow them to be wrong and make them see how powerful making mistakes really is. Here is some background reading on how to help […]