Teaching Online- Shift Shoes

Simple things seem to take much longer in the online classroom and even beyond! Planning for online lessons, for example, can take up to three times longer for online lessons. No surprise that we all feel the emotional toll that the sudden shift to home teaching is taking on us, not to mention the physical […]

Mindsets in the classroom

“For Learners to have a true sense of their abilities, they not only need to learn but they also need to know that they know.” Richard Bandler As soon as we get our math books out, one of my 6-year-olds starts shouting out, “I can’t do that Miss, too hard… you know. My mum also […]

The art of storytelling in the YL classroom

In this blog written for Pearson, I’ll be talking about storytelling; why storytelling is so powerful, what the benefits are for learners and how you can use storytelling with your learners in the YL classroom. https://ngl.cengage.com/assets/html/conferences/webinars/downloads/primary_webinar_handouts_joan_and_anna.pdf

What Does the World Eat for Breakfast?

Teaching food this week? This would make a fabulous intro for the topic! Write up some questions, and get students to describe their favourite breakfast or their local lunch! Happy watching!