Teaching Online- KEYS

As the current situation continues, many of us are coming to the realization that online face-to-face teaching, or rather remote teaching, might well be the new normal for, at least, the coming months. Normally, when institutes move to online or blended programs six to nine months of preparation have gone into designing appropriate learning systems […]

Teaching Online- Shift Shoes

Simple things seem to take much longer in the online classroom and even beyond! Planning for online lessons, for example, can take up to three times longer for online lessons. No surprise that we all feel the emotional toll that the sudden shift to home teaching is taking on us, not to mention the physical […]

Teaching online- CARE

Roosevelt’s famous quote ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ carries possibly more weight than ever. The unexpected events of the last months required us and our students to change and adapt quickly, for some overnight, to a new learning and teaching environment. For many, this might have been an overwhelming experience. And we all know, […]

Teaching online – FACE it

Suddenly, overnight the face-to-face classroom that was the norm for decades was no more. As a result, our common, convenient way of teaching changed overnight. What was once considered as an alternative for F2F teaching became our new normal: remote teaching or teaching online face-to-face. Whereas many teachers were already using technology in the English […]

Teaching Online- Checking-in

Relationships and well-being are areas that, in this period of sudden change, need as much attention, or one could argue maybe even more, as what and how to teach online. We all experience good and bad days whilst we are adjusting to this new learning and teaching environment, so how can we go about this? […]

Teaching Online – Less is more

Even when learning in a F2F environment some students think our lessons are too long! However, when teaching online it is even more important to be aware that we should not teach at the speed we talk, but at the speed learners can follow us and process the information we want to get across. Keep […]

Teaching Online- Be present

As an online tutor you’ve got many things to do, setting up your platform, planning your sessions but possibly the most important task is to develop teacher presence and bring your positive energy into online lessons. Learners need to be able to: 1- Meet you & Connect with you: When starting a new class it […]

Teaching Online- The 5As

Technology is everywhere and with so many tools, sites and apps being easily accessible it is easy to incorporate these into the lessons without putting much thought into it. However, using technology needs to serve a clear purpose: it needs to enhance students’ learning. So when selecting additional tools & Apps for online learning it […]

Teaching Online – Plan, prepare and teach!

Teaching online still requires us to apply principles of effective practice and a key principle for effective online learning & teaching is careful planning… 1- Have a clear aim in mind when you are planning your session. Without a doubt, the platform you use has a lot of different, interesting functionalities but check when you plan […]

Teaching online – things take time

Even though you might be teaching GenZ learners, many of our learners are new to online learning… Make sure you take time to introduce your learners to the platform or tools you’ve selected to use for your online learning. Set them ‘running around’ the platform tasks; can they turn on their microphone? Type one thing […]