Teaching online – FACE it

Suddenly, overnight the face-to-face classroom that was the norm for decades was no more. As a result, our common, convenient way of teaching changed overnight. What was once considered as an alternative for F2F teaching became our new normal: remote teaching or teaching online face-to-face. Whereas many teachers were already using technology in the English […]

Teaching Online- Connect

One of the most important foundations for learning is that learners feel safe and have a sense of belonging. In remote teaching learners are not in the same classroom physically or perhaps not even in the same country so the distance created by the technology can have an impact on your classroom dynamics. Learners don’t […]

The best web tools to boost your teaching

Indeed a wonderful list of webtools! If you are teaching with ipads, laptops or wikis or if you are tutoring online check out some of the fabulous tools mentioned. Happy mobile learning!  

Get feedback on your writing in seconds!

Do your students want more writing practice? Check out this great free (still…) tool. Students can choose a task, write and the tool provides feedback in seconds. By using Write & Improve, they are not only improving their Englishthey are also contributing to a valuable research project that will benefit English learners around the world.

Environmentally-themed lesson ideas

Looking for environmentally-themed lessons? This website provides lessons on sustainability, environment and green issues and ideas for paperless lessons! Happy teaching!

Who Made That?

The “who made that?” column has some lots of interesting, short articles that provide the perfect mix of high-interest readings with sophisticated sentence structure and vocabulary. They also offer opportunities for cross-curricular work, as it’s all about the history and science of e.g. the Super Soaker, energy drinks etc. Happy discovering!

Free online IWB training with Promethean

If you have access to an IWB in your room, check out the free resources available online for Promethean Active Inspire and the free one-on-one seminar now. Happy IWB-ing!