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A great teacher keeps learning

Anna Portrait

Hi, I’m Anna. 

My passion is to ignite that sparkle in Teacher Development and inspire fellow teachers to keep learning because a great teacher never stops!

I started TeacherTrain in 2011 to make a difference in teachers’ and learners’ learning experiences and to work with teachers on their developmental journey. No matter how big or small, no matter how resourced your context is with or without materials or technology: my aim is to empower teachers to fully engage learners and maximise their learning opportunities by putting the zest back into your teaching. As John Hattie states, know thy impact, your passion is contagious. Sounds good? Well, I’m very excited about this and if you are too, click below to read more about me.


As an IELTS instructor, I have experienced many IELTS training courses, but I have to admit that the one with Anna was by far the best and most fruitful one. We learned as teachers how to teach each one of the four skills in our classes in an effective way to give our learners more motivation. After attending her course, my IELTS classes were much more lively and communicative. I enjoyed every second of the course with Anna.
Ehsan Hoora
Lingoage Online language
Anna has worked with Cambridge University Press and Assessment on projects in the UAE and in Kazakhstan. She is a highly regarded trainer and her delegates were always happy to see her return and even requested her by name. Anna is extremely professional in training sessions and am always fascinated by her stationery selection. When you watch her train you can see she is passionate about the work she is doing and wanted the best from her delegates. Anna is one of our go to trainers.
Allison Richardson
Cambridge University Press
and Assessment
Anna is always an absolute pleasure to work with. During my time working with Anna (so far), not only has she shown a huge depth of knowledge of ELT but she has also taken on a wide range of various types of projects with Macmillan Education. From running and hosting webinars, to writing materials to supplement one of our largest campaigns. I fully recommend working with Anna and very much look forward to continuing our fruitful professional relationship in the coming years.
Will Rixon
Macmillan Education