Macmillan Life Skills Day – Some excellent ideas

Today expert speakers provide free online thought-provoking talks and practical activity-filled workshops to help you introduce life skills, such as critical thinking, time management and many other soft skills into your ELT classroom. Check out the Macmillan site below and have a great life skills Day!

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

As Dweck already mentioned, being successful does not depend on your innate talent or IQ and Duckworth takes it a step further: it’s all about “grit”… Well-worth watching and food for thought for us teachers!

Newsala – help build learners comprehension skills

Newsela is an innovative way for students to build reading comprehension with non-fiction. It provides a wide variety of relevant news articles on topics such as health, war, science, art etc. Register now for free!

Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes

An excellent summary of why mistakes are invaluable in teaching and learning. If you are not convinced yet… make sure you read this Edutopia post. Happy reading!