IWBs are no Silver Bullet

So what’s your mantra about using Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)? Chris Betcher argues that it’s not about what happens on the board. “It’s about what happens because of what happens on the board.” Check out his blog if you are interested in how to use ICT more effectively in your classroom.

The best web tools to boost your teaching

Indeed a wonderful list of webtools! If you are teaching with ipads, laptops or wikis or if you are tutoring online check out some of the fabulous tools mentioned. Happy mobile learning!  

Free course on ICT in Primary Education

Are you teaching YLs? How are you integrating ICT into your classroom? This free online course for primary school teachers analyses examples from schools in different parts of the world. The materials in the course are based on studies carried out for the UNESCO Institute of IT in Education, Moscow. Happy learning!

Free online IWB training with Promethean

If you have access to an IWB in your room, check out the free resources available online for Promethean Active Inspire and the free one-on-one seminar now. Happy IWB-ing!