Looking back to move forward…

If COVID-19 has a silver lining, is it definitely the learning opportunities this shock-event has provided us with as ELT teachers and teacher educators, even in 2021.  This year most of us started with more awareness and knowledge about online education and teaching live online, but personally, I feel I’ve come out with more knowledge, […]

Teaching Online – Less is more

Even when learning in a F2F environment some students think our lessons are too long! However, when teaching online it is even more important to be aware that we should not teach at the speed we talk, but at the speed learners can follow us and process the information we want to get across. Keep […]

Teaching Online – Plan, prepare and teach!

Teaching online still requires us to apply principles of effective practice and a key principle for effective online learning & teaching is careful planning… 1- Have a clear aim in mind when you are planning your session. Without a doubt, the platform you use has a lot of different, interesting functionalities but check when you plan […]

Teaching online – things take time

Even though you might be teaching GenZ learners, many of our learners are new to online learning… Make sure you take time to introduce your learners to the platform or tools you’ve selected to use for your online learning. Set them ‘running around’ the platform tasks; can they turn on their microphone? Type one thing […]