Vocabulary matters. A talk and vocabulary-focused approach for rich guided reading

This teacher’s guide highlights the importance of explicitly teaching vocabulary in the young learner classroom. The understanding of written text means that we need to move our learners from using social, everyday vocabulary to talk to recognising and using more abstract vocabulary used in writing. Learners need extensivevocabulary building, multiple exposures to the new vocabulary, […]

The word gap: challenges, impact and how to bridge the gap

Even though the word gap issue is regarded by many as a more general problem rather than being specific to one group of learners, the impact can be especially crucial for students whose first language isn’t English. In this blog post, written for Pearson I talk about what the impact is for us teachers and the importance […]

Great free downloadable worksheets and ideas

Check this out! Some great free downloadable worksheets and ideas to review and expand students’ existing vocabulary knowledge with ESL Topics Word Banks. Intended for Intermediate students but ideas can easily be adapted. Happy teaching!